Want to Own a Business with Little or No Capital?

everything you need to become a hugely successful, highly profitable people reading expert…

Over the past decade, Adrianne Carter has become famous as the foremost expert on facial expressions, emotions and behaviour, helping global, national and SME’s improve their communications, marketing, advertising and recruitment

The problem…

I’m full!  I haven’t got capacity to handle all the businesses that want to work with a Face Whisperer.

The solution…

We need more of the right people to train and work with the thousands of businesses who are crying out for help.

So I’m going on a mission.  A mission to find smart, switched on emotionally intelligent people who already run (or want to run) their own business, working as Licensed Face Whisperers.

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Who is a Face Whisperer?

A Face Whisperer Licensed Practitioner is someone who understands other people easily and connects with them emotionally by reading their facial expressions, behaviour and body language.  There will need to be some inate capabilities but you’ll get all the training and support to take you to expert level.

A professional Face Whisperer will leverage this knowledge to communicate effectively with an audience – building trust, emotional connection and influence.

Meet The Face Whisperer

Hi, I’m Adrianne Carter, The UK’s foremost expert in facial expression, emotions and behaviour.

As a global expert, I’ve helped brands like Unilever, Premier foods and Coca Cola (just to name a few) increase business ROI and create emotional engagement with their customers.

Why become a Licensed Face Whisperer?

It paves a whole new career path that is gaining fast recognition among world class and global brands who want to engage with their customers on a deep emotional level.
You also get to meet and create exciting experiences understanding people like never before and most importantly, you get paid generously doing it.


You are the Boss

Be your own boss by choosing who your clients will be, how much you charge them and how often you work. Decide on a sector that best suits you.


Business in a Box

You will be trained to read facial expressions, emotions and body language and provided the collateral to start your own business immediately upon completion of training.


Build your Skillset

Becoming a Face Whisperer gives you an additional skill that sets you apart from practically every other trainer, coach and business leader – giving you the right advantage to outwit your competition.


Lucrative Career Path

Whether you are returning to work or looking for a new challenge, becoming a Licensed Practitioner Face Whisperer gives you a whole new career path that’s not only lucrative but also fits around you and what you want from life.


Fun and Fulfilling

You may have the believe that work isn’t fun and it’s hard to make money doing something you love. WRONG, being a Face Whisperer is fun and fulfilling. It’s also easy to talk about and sell because it’s just so different from the norm.



On completion of the full training, you will gain full certification from the National Regulation of Sales and Body Language Trainers.

Although, not everyone can be a Face Whisperer, but if you are…

  • Self-motivated
  • Interested and curious about other people
  • Can listen and follow the guidelines we give you
  • Have some ability in reading people
    Then this opportunity might just be for you!

During this functional training, you’ll learn how to…

  • Read and interpret people’s facial expression, emotions and body language
  • Connect and engage with anybody at a deep emotional level
  • Run a successful practice as a Licensed Face Whisperer anywhere in the World in your own time

Once you complete the training, you will get COLLATERAL to start your business and hit the ground running in any niche of your choice.


We will help you discover your niche if you don’t already have one.

You will also get monthly support, CPD and updates being part of a growing team from The Face Whisperer.

The market is fast rising and the competition is low…

Companies, brands and marketing experts are leaning aggressively into using emotional engagement to connect with their audiences.

Which creates an on-demand market for professional and Licensed Face Whisperers who can easily use facial and body expressions to connect and communicate emotionally to an audience.

Do You Have What It Takes to Be a Licensed Face Whisperer?


Email: adrianne@thefacewhisperer.co.uk


Call: +44 (0)7841 637 558