Adrianne Carter

The Face Whisperer

Helping you connect emotionally and understand other people more than ever before

I am an expert in faces, emotions and behaviour, taking the guesswork out of emotional engagement to increase your business ROI.

The Face Whisperer

You are in the right place if any of the following applies to you;

You want to increase emotional engagement with your product, brand or service

You need to increase sales of at least 20%

Get ahead of your competitor(s)

Get ahead in your career

The Plan

I understand how difficult it can be to create/understand emotional engagement

I can help you fix your Key Visuals to get ahead of your competitor(s)

I will be the differentiator for your business for your Recruitment hiring

Training that pays for itself in approximately 3 days of trading...

Contact me and we will create a plan


Emotional connection is at the heart of all successful businesses.


  • Customer Service
  • Sales
  • HR
  • Hospitality

Key Visuals: 

  • After a campaign shoot, send me all the considered images
  • Give me a brief of your objectives for the campaign
  • I will select the most engaging KV’s


  • Together we decide the questions to ask to gain the information we need 
  • Ask the candidate to record the responses to the questions via our software
  • I analyse the responses for areas of concern and truthfulness
  • You decide whether the person is a real fit for your role


Start Connecting With Your Audience Emotionally